Connecting capital seekers with capital sources.

Level up your investment game with WealthVP’s exclusive, membership-only platform and keep more of your cash with no deal or finders fees, ever.

Simplified investment matching for founders & funders.


Discover exclusive, tailored investment opportunities.

Browse a robust marketplace of early to mid-stage companies and real estate offerings to find the right investments - and founders - for you. Make connections on your terms, with no deal or finders fees, ever.

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Get in front of the right eyes, without sacrificing equity.

Connect with a network of qualified investors to reach the right audience for funding opportunities. Optimize your profile landing page, expand your connections, and stay in control with no broker or referral fees taken, ever.

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WealthVP is a game changer. There is a huge need to bring together family offices and investment opportunities that serve our favorite motto: making money while doing good.

Tobias Prestel

Founding Partner of Prestel and Partner, A global family offices forum

The WealthVP platform improves your funding opportunities in a faster, more streamlined way. We are proud to work with WealthVP and to recommend it to our portfolio companies.

Derrin Hill

RevRoad Chairman & CEO

Digital Precision, Human Understanding

Combining the power of AI technology with seasoned human insight to deliver an investment experience unlike anything ever before.

Mobile Platform

Discover the convenience of investments at your fingertips through the WealthVP mobile app, connecting founders and investors who value their time as much as money.

Investment Marketplace

Access a vast database of investment opportunities, companies, and real estate offerings, empowering you to make informed investment decisions.

Active Community

Take advantage of an online community designed to expand your network, exchange insights, and gain actionable advice tailored to your funding and investment needs.

Matching Alerts

Stay informed and never miss out on potential connections with mobile notifications alerting you to new investment opportunities or matches.

In-App Messaging

Seamlessly connect with investors, founders, and real estate sponsors through our secure messaging center, facilitating swift and productive conversations.

Profile Management

Manage your investor or company profile directly from your mobile device, ensuring privacy and control over your information and optimized visibility in the marketplace.

Introducing the
Capital Concierge

Your dedicated guide facilitating tailored capital connections, ensuring each introduction fosters meaningful collaborations and strategic partnerships.

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Where innovation and investments come together — and thrive.

Accredited Investors

Discover a variety of investment opportunities from pre-seed startups to real estate development offerings that meet your portfolio criteria.

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Company Founders

Whether you’re a startup still seeking product-market fit or a mid-stage company looking to scale, find the connections you need through WealthVP.

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Real Estate Sponsors

Streamline your capital raising efforts and market deals more effectively to a growing database of investors with a custom WealthVP landing page.

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Change how you exchange capital with WealthVP.

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